Top Sales Techniques for Beginners to Keep your New Boss Happy

Top sales techniques for beginners

If you’re just starting off your career in sales or you’re thinking about going into sales then look no further than these top sales techniques for beginners.

You can go on the call Centre floor and put these tips to practice and smash all your targets out of the park.

Top sales techniques for beginners #1: Believe

You never see a timid sales person do you?

One of the main skills you need to sell is to believe, have confidence in your self and what you do.

If your confident and believe in your product, it will come across in your tone and how you pitch to the customer, they will feel and hear this and instantly believe in you as a salesperson and the product.

A customer will buy from you if they feel that you know the product and your confident about the product. Believing is key and will generate more sales. Simple

Top sales techniques for beginners #2: Be ready

Always be ready and earlTop sales techniques for beginnersy to sell. So many sales can be lost because a sales person failing to show on time or not following through.

Make sure your ready for the day ahead by getting in early to set up your computer and systems etc. When the phone lines say GO you are there ready and composed to sell the first call.

Top sales techniques for beginners #3: Rapport

Learning the skills of rapport will guarantee you sales all day long.

Customers buy on emotion, if they don’t like you they wont buy from you. So keep the conversation upbeat and lively and continue to get to know the customer, this will help you build that rapport and get you that sale.

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Top sales techniques for beginners #4: Morale

Morale and attitude is one of the key ingredients in becoming a successful sales person.

Sales at times can be hard and by keeping a positive mental attitude will help you continue to drive more sales.

Continue to think positively and try not to dwell on the negatives. If you have a bad call, don’t think too much on it. Compose your self and get set for the next call. Remember that next call is a clean slate. Start again with a positive mind set, this will come across in your voice and customers will continue to buy from you.

Top sales techniques for beginners #5: Know your stuff

Before you’re set to start selling you need to know and feel confident in what you’re selling.

If your knowledge of the product is not there then you will lose your way on the call and the customer will have no confidence and faith at all in you or the product.

If the customer doesn’t believe in what you’re selling then they will not buy. You need to make the customer want the product, to do this you need to know what you’re selling in side out and make the customer feel that they need and what that product.

Now you can go off and put these techniques to practice.

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