Sales Target Tips: 8 Strategies to Smash your Goals by 150%

A million people in the UK work in a call centre environment, some hate it, some thrive, but there’s plenty of ways you can make the most of your time working in the fast-paced world of modern call centres with these sales target tips.

Sales Target Tips #1: Be early and ready

There’s nothing worse than seeing calls in the queue for you to sell and your system is still loading on a Monday morning because you strolled in at 8.58am

Arriving early means you can set up, log on let the systems load so you are more than ready to smash the day when the phone lines start.

Come in with 10 min to spare so you can get set and have a strong coffee to kick start you’re smashing day on the sales floor.

Not to mention the recognition of your superiors for putting in the effort.

Sales Target Tips #2: Positive mental attitude (PMA!)

Staying positive is the key ingredient to hitting and going beyond your sales targets. It can also be the hardest to maintain.

Don’t dwell on the negative calls – once the call has finished take a minute to compose your self, the worse thing you can do is going straight into the next call, your tone and feelings will continue and it will effect that call.

Think positive – If you think positive then your calls are better and more importantly your stats are higher because you’re your tone of voice changes, more bubbly, which helps build the rapport and the customer will be more likely to buy from you.

Don’t be dragged into negativity around you – we all know call centre’s can have good days and bad days.

Maybe a few of your colleagues are having a bad day. When you’re around negativity that can have affect on you which effects your calls.

The key is not to get involved. Concentrate on your own targets of the day and stay positive.

Sales Target Tips #3: Build Rapport

We all know that rapport building with customers over the phone is so important to providing a good service or increasing sales.

Take any chance you get the start building that rapport.

  • Ask if you can call them by their first name
  • Discuss what part of the UK they live
  • Discus holidays
  • Time of year – weather, Christmas, birthdays etc.

The key ingredient to rapport is mirroring the customer’s tones, rates and style of speech throughout the call.

Learn to adapt to each individual customer.

For example; –

If you have quiet elderly women on the phone then you don’t want to be loud and overly confident, you want to be calm and sensitive with the customer so they feel comfortable with you.

On the other hand, you’ve a loud cheeky chappy on the phone, you will be confident, bubbly and maybe adding few jokes in there too.

Please look out soon for my full article on building rapport.

Sales Target Tips #4: Grab over time with both hands

Over time can be the difference of hitting or not hitting your sales target.

We all can have tough month in sales. So when there is over time available you should grab it with both hands, any sales you get are helping you get to that goal. Simple.

The pressures off when doing overtime as you don’t have a daily target, meaning you can focus on hitting your bonus.

Sales Target Tips #5: Upsell

Up-selling doesn’t have to be a dirty word. In fact, it can help you make your customers happier.

What it really means is ‘cross sell’ so your offering them another product that is related to what your selling which they may need.

So you mention the other products that may be interesting to them, if they agree the customer goes away happy and you have extra revenue on one call.

If they don’t want the cover because its not right time or they want too look into it then that doesn’t matter… arrange the call back to set up on a different day which then means you now building up your customer database – ‘Pipeline’

You call them back – customer automatically feels comfortable with you as they brought your last product so your strong sales foundations are already there for you to build on and grab that extra sale that you wouldn’t had if you didn’t up-sell on the initial call.

Sales Target Tips #6: Become their friend

I’ve lost count how many times my quote has been higher that the competition but the customer has simply said, “yes I will take it” because of the customer service.

Put personality into each call, get more sales, it really is that easy.

Customers will buy on emotion. If they don’t like you or they’re not happy with the experience then they wont buy from you.

Make the customer feel at ease by starting the call with a bubbly introduction, asking if you can call them by their first name, build rapport and most importantly make them smile.

It’s really easy to get run down in the same routine, quote after quote after quote…this will come across in your voice. You don’t want the customer to feel or hear that.

Make the customer feel special and that they are the only person you are dealing with today you’re going out your way to help them.

Phrases like: –

  • I’d be delighted to assist.
  • Because you are a valued customer.
  • With pleasure.
  • I would be more than happy to.

The customer will feel that you are doing everything you can to get them the best deal so they don’t need to look elsewhere.

It is all about the customer experience, if they enjoyed the process, it’s been simple, stress free and they have liked dealing with you then 8/10 times they will buy from you.

Sales Target Tips #7: Have a Sales tracker

My sales tracker is my wingman.

A tracker is vital it you want to hit and go beyond your target. It’s there at your finger tips every minute of the day too show you if your on the way to hit 10% over or to tell you that you need x amount to get back on track.

It’s there to push you and to show you what you can earn if you work your ass off.

If you would like me to build one for you, drop me an email or there’s a few free versions available online.

Sales Target Tips #8: Ask for feedback

Feedback is key!

It can be easy to get into routine and say the same thing over and over again.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to freshen it up.

Never shy away from asking for feedback, if you have quoted a few customers in a row that haven’t brought then go to your manger and ask for their thoughts. Or even your buddy next to you who might be smashing it that day.

It doesn’t mean you’re doing things wrong or not doing very well. It’s a great opportunity for a fresh pair of ears to listen and give you pointers that you could maybe try in the next call. Mix things up.

Hope you find these tips useful and continue to smash your targets.

Feel free to leave any comments, maybe you have other tips and techniques that you use, I would love to hear them.

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