How to Build Rapport as a Sales Agent and keep compliance happy

how to build rapport

When you’re selling a policy knowing how to build rapport is enormously important.

There are several key ingredients in building rapport, put these in your pitches armoury and you wont go far wrong.

How to Build Rapport #1: Introduction

The introduction of the call is extremely important, the customer will get an instant response of how they feel about you from the word go.

You need to sound confident, well paced and energised. By doing to this you are creating a good foundation to the call for you to build on.

If you start the call by being negative and sluggish the customer will automatically put their rapport barrier up which will make it a lot harder throughout the call.

How to Build Rapport #2: Sitting up straight

Sitting up straight with your chest out will help you to project your voice. You become more loud and clear, the difference will be unconsciously noticeable for the customer.

Watch out for an article dedicated to this in the next few days.

How to Build Rapport #3: Become their friend

As I mentioned in my last article, becoming your customers friend is a key element to building rapport, by becoming their friend they instantly trust you in what you saying or selling. So how do you become their friend?

A key way to get them on your side is going off script; by doing so you add personality to the call, which customers love.

Customers don’t want to think they are being sold to, so mention how your day is going or ask them how they are or what they have planned.

Or even discuss the time of year, talk about birthdays, weather, Christmas etc. These are all brilliant ways to get the customer talking to you without you doing much at all. Easy.

How to Build Rapport #4: Confidence

Having confidence and knowing your product is a vital part of selling and building rapport. Being confident will reassure the customer, if they sense your confidence then they will have trust in you with what you’re selling.

This again will be helping you gain that connection and understanding with the customer.

How to Build Rapport #5: Consistency

Be consistent, you don’t want to start the call brilliantly then slowly go down hill throughout the call.

Keep building and building that rapport, so keep calling them by their first name and keep the light hearted conversations going.

Stay positive and upbeat throughout the call, if you become negative or sluggish then the customer will lose interest or become bored. If that happens you’ve lost them.

If you’re consistent then you will keep that rapport to the very end and the customer will never want to leave.

So that was how to build rapport as sales agent. Hope you found these useful, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any extra tips you would like to share and remember building rapport means more sales on that board.

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